Religious instruction


Queensland state schools embrace a multitude of cultural, religious and non-religious beliefs. Under the Education (General Provisions) Act 2006, schools are to provide RI each week if approached by a faith group seeking to provide RI and students of that faith attend the school.

RI informs students about the beliefs and values of a particular religion. It is delivered by volunteers of a faith group using instructional materials approved by that faith group.

All RI instructors must hold a blue card and participate in compulsory Student Protection and Code of Conduct training. RI instructors are only entitled to deliver the RI program outlined below. A school staff member will be present during the delivery of RI.

Participation in RI is not compulsory. Any student (except Prep students) may participate in RI if a parent has given consent and indicated a religion on the Application for Student Enrolment Form or in other written advice to the principal. A parent, regardless of their own faith (if any), may choose to give consent for their child to participate in one of the RI programs listed below.

Any child not participating in RI, or whose nominated religion is not represented within the RI program/s at the school, will receive other instruction by a qualified member of school staff in a separate location during the time RI is held. Other instruction will relate to subject areas that have already been covered in class. 

At any time, parents may provide written instruction to the principal to change their preference for their child to participate in or be withdrawn from RI. If a parent does not update their consent by completing and returning this form, their previous written instructions to the school will continue to apply.

The faith groups that provide religious instructors to deliver the program at our school are listed below:

Arrangements for programs
​Name of RI program
Delivery details

Cooperative Arrangement​

Faith groups involved:

  • Catholic
  • Presbyterian
  • Uniting Church
  • Baptist

  • Bible, Connect, Begin​ning with God &/ or Big Questions by Christian Education Publications (CEP), Christian Religious Education (cre) by Access Ministries, &/or God Space by Burst Publications, plus Bible based Special assembly p​erformes.
  • Churchill State School
  • Year 1 to Year 6
  • Every Monday


The aims and objectives of each program cooperative arrangement are attached for your information.

Further details about our school's RI program/s and other instruction are available on the school's website and in the school's handbook. You may also wish to access the Department's RI policy statement available at for further information.

The school will advise parents of child/ren participating in these programs if a faith group requires funds to cover the expense of materials used in RI.

You will also be notified of any changes to RI or other instruction.

If you would like further information about RI or other instruction at our school, or require assistance with completing the form below, please contact us on 07 3810 4333.​

Last reviewed 14 September 2021
Last updated 14 September 2021